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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Doing the maths .........

Police move terrorism suspects to immigration custody
From: msnnewsbox

LONDON (Reuters) – 15th October 2005

Police have turned over to immigration authorities the five remaining detainees from a group of 10 terrorism suspects seized a week ago, with no charges filed against them, the police said on Saturday.

The 10 had been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences in the Croydon area of south London and in towns in the Midlands.

The high-profile October 8 raids were the latest to follow strikes on London transport systems in July in which Islamist militant bombers killed 52 passengers and themselves.

Police had said the 10 men were suspected of committing, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism.

But five were released with no charge during the past week, and London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement the other five had been released into the custody of the immigration authorities.

That means the 10, whose identities and nationalities were not disclosed, cannot be charged unless they are arrested again.

Britain has arrested hundreds of suspects under its anti-terrorism laws since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

Only about a sixth of them have been charged with terrorist offences, and only a fraction of those have been convicted. Others have been handed over to immigration authorities or convicted of non-terrorism-related crimes.


A case of “if we can’t get you for one thing; we will damn well get you for something else” ...........?

If a company had this ratio of error to accuracy in its business dealings it would go under very quickly. If a schoolchild had this ratio of error to accuracy in their maths homework s/he would be made to do go back and re-learn that part of the course.

But, instead of re-thinking its strategies, this Government is bringing in laws which will make ‘mistakes’ like this occur with additional regularity .........

Does this add up?

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