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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stirring up the 'news'

Blair criticises BB's Galloway

From: msn-entertainment-news

Tony Blair has joined the growing criticism of George Galloway over his decision to take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

The Prime Minister indicated he would not be happy if a Labour MP had taken a similar decision to join the series.

Asked on GMTV "Would you fancy one of your MPs doing that?", Mr Blair replied: "No." He said he had not watched the anti-war MP on Celebrity Big Brother as he had been too busy.

His remarks came as a row grew over the Respect Party MP's appearance in the show.

Mr Galloway said his participation would be "good for politics" and he believed that politicians should use "every opportunity" to communicate with people.

But local residents in his Bethnal Green and Bow constituency have staged a protest outside his office in east London accusing him of abandoning his responsibilities and demanding he give back his MP's pay for the time he is in the house.

An internet protest campaign – get-back-to-work-george - is calculating how much it costs taxpayers each day Mr Galloway stays inside the house.

Labour Minister for London Jim Fitzpatrick has also joined in the attacks, accusing the anti-war MP of being a "C-list politician with an A-list ego".

The first eviction will take place on Friday.

My Comments:

Blair said one word – “No”.  Wow!  Such insight those guys in the media have to say that this means Blair has joined ‘the growing criticism’ of Galloway!  
Now if only they had such insight when it comes to issues that really matter …..

And as for the Cergis campaign (claiming to be on behalf of “The United Residents of Bethnal Green and Bow”) – I wonder who is really responsible for that?

Whether Galloway was correct in choosing to join Celebrity Big Brother is open to debate.  I can see both sides of the argument.  Yes, maybe MPs should spend their time at their ‘MP work’ rather than appearing on a game show, especially for a length of time (unlike Charles Kennedy [another ‘news item’, of course] who just spent days, rather than a couple of weeks, on programs like ‘Have I Got News For You’). Of course, the rest of them concentrate only on their real work …… don’t they?

But on the other hand, when the mediocre lives of many UK citizens are often spent glued to programs like ‘Big Brother’, then maybe this is the best way to reach them?

Either way, I think this is a case of the right wing media trying to stir up reactions where very few exist.  And thus conversely trying to ‘demonstrate’ how important the media is.

Playing right into Galloway’s hands, one could argue ……

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