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Saturday, February 25, 2006

An interesting comparison

When They Make a Film About Iraq What will It Say?

Joan Chittister is talking about the German film 'Downfall'. This is what she says about the film:

"It is a demonstration of what happens to a nation that substitutes idolatry of the leader for responsible citizenship. Little by little, the film unravels before our eyes the downfall of the military system and its loss of integrity and truth."

She then talks Iraq and compares the situation there and its repercussions to the last days of Nazi Germany. These are her closing lines:

".... Maybe we all ought to see the film before it's too late, before our own downfall as a nation in the minds of people across the world is complete. Don't worry that it's in German with English subtitles. The problem is that you may understand this one all too well."

An article well worth a read.

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