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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thoughts on Blair's 'Natural Successor'

I have always had my doubts about Gordon Brown. Anyone who has worked so unceasingly as a part of Blair's dictatorship cannot be a welcome alternative to Blair. So I was pleased to find the article below, which sums up some of my misgivings about the man:

Gordon Brown’s tyranny of security
What life, liberty and politics would be like if he were to become prime minister by Brendan O’Neill

(first posted on 14th February 2006)

All those commentators who bang on about how much more open, honest and real British politics would be under Prime Minister Gordon Brown than it has been under Prime Minister Tony Blair must have got a rude awakening listening to Brown’s speech yesterday.

The chancellor talked about terrorism to the Royal United Services Institute in London, in what some referred to as a ‘seminal [moment] in the Gordon Brown for Prime Minister stakes’ (1). If that is true, then we can expect public life and debate to become even more shallow and staid if he ever gets the top job. Brown wants to go a step further than Blair in ratcheting up fear of an overblown terror threat and reorganising British politics and society around suspicion and security. In short, he plans to apply the accountant’s instinctive caution to life, liberty and politics in the twenty-first century, which is likely to make even the Blair era look like a hotbed of political principle.


.... The only discernible value in Brown’s speech was security. He said the word 61 times. Indeed, he outlined his vision for reorganising the whole of British politics and society around the security agenda......

...... Even Blair has not gone this far in extending the war on terror into every facet of British political life. In Brown’s view, everything from the organisation of the economy to the distribution of social security to the provision of health must be geared around protecting the nation from terrorists; he talks about the role of social security officials in keeping an eye out for individuals using dodgy identities and the role of health officials in being constantly on alert for some terrible act of terror. Under Brown the war on terror would be more than bloody military interventions abroad and clampdowns on liberty at home, as it has been under Blair’s tenure; it would become the organising principle of British society.....

The whole article can be found here:

My Comments:

My main concern is about the way it is being assumed that Brown will simply 'become' Blair's successor, without much thought being given to the democratic process .... of course that process (as far as it ever existed) has been eroded under Blair, so I suppose we should not be unduly surprised if our thoughts on who we would like to be the next Prime Minister are given scant attention.

Or are we all past caring ......?

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Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

Even though his successor isn't great, I wish we in America had a parliament where our other officials could openly address and question our primary leader. It's more transparent at least... sorry you didn't like the image. Just wanted to let you know the link to the blog is to a joke blog (like "Cameltoe" is a joke, too). Hope I didn't offend you.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

Tried to post comments on Sumimages yesterday and today, but sure if you got them. Here's a link about many "10th planets":

Hope all is well.


8:24 AM  

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