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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tracking Our Cash

RFID Tags Already in Euro Notes
By Steve Watson
For: prisonplanet

They told us they were going to do it by 2005 and now they have. Euro bank notes have RFID radio tags in them.If you were listening to the Alex Jones show on Monday 1st March you will have heard Paul Watson report the story that RFID tags have been found in the new US $20 bills. A letter sent to Henry Makow Ph.D. described how two citizens found alarms in shops being triggered by their wallets, curious and wise to the RFID proposals they chose to 'microwave' over $1000 in twenties in a stack. The right eye of Andrew Jackson on the new twenty was uniform in it's burning.

I remembered I had a couple of Euros in my wallet from my last visit to France and decided what the heck, I'll microwave them. After just three seconds the first note exploded into flame and fearing for my microwave's safety I quickly pressed the stop button. A fluke? Maybe, I tried with the second note, a five, again after precisely three seconds the same bright flash of flame.

It was obvious to see where the tags had been as two perfectly round holes could be seen in my notes. I noticed that the holes lay precisely over the metal strip within the notes......

The fact is that my bank notes were tagged. Should I be suprised, well no, they said they were going to do this by_2005

Of course, the official line is that these tags are there "to protect us", they stop counterfeiting and enable security agencies to track illegal money. Why would illegal money come in five or ten Euro notes? Surely your classic suitcase with wads of cash consists of 200s or 500s not fives and tens, you would need a whole truck to transport large amounts.

The truth is where ever we go are being tracked by our governments. RFID is the latest technology to be used in the ever-growing control grid that dictates the way we live our lives. Walmart has recently carried out RFID trials, even though they claim it is only to monitor possible theft of razors! ......

The rest of this article and details of “RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them” can be found here: prisonplanet

1984 had nothing on this!

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