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Thursday, February 02, 2006

What 'Free Speech' really means

…….. It would seem that the West’s beloved freedom of speech, the ideal that many would like to believe separates them from the rest of the world, is used by the mainstream media as a justification to promote the ruling ideology of the West and little else. They are ‘free’ to publish whatever they like, so long as it espouses the ascendancy of the West and its corporate agenda.


My Comments:

The statement above comes from an excellent article : “Why ‘freedom of expression’ defence is questionable in the Muslim dispute with a Danish publication”. Published at global-research .

It reminds us that rhetoric on ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ is often just that – rhetoric.  In a World where ‘freedom’  and ‘free speech’ is decided by money and power it is naïve in the extreme to argue that “everyone has the right to express their opinion” without considering the consequences.

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