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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Freethought Philosophy

Sections from: The Freethought Philosophy

John Patrick Michael Murphy
copyright 1998

"Freethinkers, employ reason when they are beseeched to join a religion. Religionists seem to employ reason in all areas of their lives except religion, and even here they use it to disregard all religions, but their own. So we have a continent of common ground. Religionists reject all but one, freethinkers, one more. Religionist are not critical of us for examining the doctrines of Islam, Wicca, Buddhism, or Hinduism and rejecting them as fallacious, but when our attention turns to Judeo-Christianity a bar is placed in our path. We are called evil and un-American for sharing our honest thoughts. We are told we are naught but kindling for the hell their god has fired up for us, and they look hurt when we complain about it. At least now they wait for their god to do it. Servitus, Bruno and millions of others weren't so lucky.

Thinking about their god was a capital crime called blasphemy. All philosophy was heresy in their theocracy. The echo of all that holy gore is still with us. From the airwaves, and even in print media we freethinkers are demonized still. If we speak of their bigotrous history and the crimes committed in the name of god, we are called Christian bashers. We do not bash Christians, ( popes, shamans, TV and radio wailers, religiopoliticals, and other high clergy excepted), but rather, Christianity. And think of the terrible weapons we employ like logic, reason, thought, the searing simile, the fearsome metaphor and on rare occasions we are so nasty as to bring out the ominous onomatopoeia, all found in arsenals called libraries. We set forth lucid reasons why we reject it, and assert that we can be good and decent people in spite of our "failing." "The very idea !!!" they exclaim. That's why I'm here, asking for understanding.....

...... My problem with Christianity is not the impossibility of the mud man, Adam, or the rib lady, Eve, or the snakes from sticks tricks of the Pentateuch, Balaam's talking jackass, or even the God ordained wars of conquest, genocide, polygamy, slavery, and other nauseations found in the "good book," but rather its fundamental flaw - there is no love in the Christian hereafter.........

...... That's my biggest problem with Christianity-salvation depends upon belief. My beliefs come from thought and reflection. I can't control them. I don't choose to believe-it just happens. In the case of religion in general and Christianity in particular it never happened. Call me a stillborn christian......."

My Comments:

That last comment, in particular, sums up my feelings about Christianity - all that I have learned; all my experience; all my understanding; causes me to doubt the basic tenets of Christianity.

But I am not a 'bad person'. I believe in freedom, equality, basic human rights. I hate all forms of prejudice and bigotry and I care about humanity.

Yet according to the 'rules' of Christianity, my 'lack of belief' is not only wrong, it will also cast me to some awful version of 'hell'.

Of course, some would say that we are there already, or at least, if our 'leaders' have their way, we soon will be ..... but that's another story.

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Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

This is very interesting.

My take on religion is that there are as many paths to self-realization/God as there are people and we should just do what feels right, so long as in following our intincts we don't inflict harm on others.

Hope you have a great weekend.

9:03 AM  

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