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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Iran - What are the Real Issues?

By David MacMichael, Ph.D

(Author’s note: As a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, an organization of former US intellligence officers from the CIA, DIA, Department of State and Department of Defense, I took part in 2002 in the preparation of a series of public statements countering the Bush administration’s alleged intelligence behind its rationale for the invasion of Iraq.

These statements were based not only on our past experience with presidential manipulation of intelligence in Vietnam and the Iran-Contra era but with information we received from alarmed former colleagues still within the intelligence services. We warned that not only was the information about supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, particularly nuclear weapons, suspect and more than likely false, but that the overall strategy behind the invasion plan overrated prospects of success and vastly underestimated the probable cost to the United States in lives and money.

Our misgivings, we now know, were all too correct. That is why we look with growing alarm at the manner in which the administration has approached the problem—if, in fact, it is a problem—posed by Iran’s long-established program of developing a nuclear energy system, a program which could eventually give the country the ability to produce a nuclear weapon........

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...... In my belief, as the writer of the following analysis, the Bush administration representation of Iran, unarguably a conservative Shiite Islamic state supportive of Shiite minorities in Iraq and Lebanon, among other countries, as a reckless and aggressive nation, a danger to the region or even to the United States, has no grounding in history. My analysis demonstrates that Iran, on the contrary, has over the past half century been the victim of both covert and overt aggression—in much of which the US has been involved.

It is difficult for me to understand not only why the Bush administration is pursuing its aggressive policy against Iran, especially at a time when its position in Iraq is crumbling toward utter failure, but how it has been able to enlist much of the European Union countries in its support. The analysis explores the issue.)....

Dr David MacMichael's full analysis can be found here: The_Iranian_Nuclear_Showdown.

It makes disturbing reading ....

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Blogger MWC MEWS said...

I could not find your e-mail and decided to post this comment for you.

First let me thank you for reposting this.

I want to also let you know, we are publishing an exclusive interview with Dr. Mac Michael, next week.

I believe it should be well worth reading

You may contact me if you wish at

PS: Please delete the e-mail after reading this.

Regards Shahram Vahdany

BTW: Very nice blog

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Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

All I can think of is that Bush wants to be written into history books as a more modern Constantine. Iran has a significantly longer history than the US, but I am fairly sure I have read that they have attacked/ivaded/caused less wars in all of their history than the US has in its brief one.

The Bush approach to Iran doesn't make sense and has no credibility in light of his just telling India to make as many weapons as they like.

9:18 AM  

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