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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No 'flexibility' here

There is an advert doing the rounds of the bus shelters in our area. It says "The World's not so rigid anymore" and it shows an androgenous mobile phone user stood on a balcony facing an horizon full of 'bendy buildings', curving away to allow more space for the mobile user's vision (at least, I suppose this is what the advertisers want us to 'see').

The advert is for 'a more flexible' mobile phone network.

As far as getting the message across that this particular mobile phone network is 'less rigid' in its charges and communication systems than others, it works quite well.

But as a metaphor for the World as it is today, it sorely misses the point.

We are losing more and more 'flexibility' every day. We are constantly bombarded with new rules and regulations, mainly telling us what not to do. We are spied upon 'legally' and illegally by our own Governments (and they want us to know that we are being watched - make no mistake).

Our options in life are becoming more fixed day by day. "From the cradle to the grave" used to be a saying to describe hopes for the way the National Health System would make like better for citizens of the UK, but now that term seems to be more in line with our path in life under present regimes - guided, cajoled and forced along the way chosen for us.

The World's not so rigid anymore?

They've got to be joking.

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