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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Guardian Unlimited _ UK Latest _ Minister forced into climbdown

Vera Baird QC withdrew comments she made last week about the Recorder of Cardiff, Judge John Griffith Williams, getting "wrong" the sentence of paedophile Craig Sweeney.

Her outspoken attack deepened the crisis over "lenient" sentencing and led a senior judge to publicly condemn her actions. In an apologetic letter to her boss, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer of Thoroton, Mrs Baird said: "I should not have made those comments on the case following your statement outlining the position of the government...."

Vera Baird's attack on Judge John Griffith Williams was orchestrated deliberately as part of the Blair Government's campaign to discredit the judiciary. But she appears to have lost her 'supporters' along the way ...

This type of attack is reminiscent of historic attacks on the legal system by those who wish to instigate a totalitarian regime. Hopefully this time the plan has become transparent...

Read the full story via CommonTimes

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Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

As an AMerican, I understand not wanting a totalitarian regime. We're moving and I'm barely posting, but wanted to make sure to come by.

(You're a mom? I am , too. Your kids are lucky. Sometimes it seems one of the best ways to become an nformed citizen is to be prodded by informed parents.)

Hope you and yours are well.

Internal growth and eternal happiness,


10:49 PM  
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