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Saturday, June 10, 2006

No Surprises...

Chemical bomb raid men released

LONDON (Reuters) - Police have freed without charge two men arrested during a raid on a London house that police suspected of being used for making a chemical bomb......

...... Police found no bomb in a search of the house in the ethnically mixed area of Forest Gate in east London.

The men, aged 20 and 23 and reported to be brothers, were released on Friday evening. Police had a warrant allowing them to question them until Saturday.

Lawyers for the men have said they deny any involvement in terrorism.

"The intelligence received by police continues to be developed and the Metropolitan Police will continue to exhaust all lines of inquiry," a police statement said.

Police thanked local residents for their "tolerance and understanding" during the operation......

...... London police Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman apologised for the disruption caused by the raid on Thursday but said the police had "no choice" but to act on "very specific intelligence".

The whole article is here: newsbox.msn

My Comments

Thank goodness the police and intelligence services have done the correct thing (well ... after doing a very incorrect thing in the first place ...).

And as to their "specific intelligence", one could argue, "specific to whom?"

This whole charade has deepened resentment in Muslim communities and this is totally understandable.

It has left many of us in the UK even more sceptical of the stated intentions of the police and intelligence services.

It has also made us even more aware that 'if your face doesn't fit' (for whatever reason; be it race, ethnicity, culture, or political affiliations), you had better be on your guard.

The battering down of your door by heavy-handed, gun-wielding 'terrorist seekers' could happen to you next.

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